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What is Pyrography?

Pyrography is not your typical art form. Oh no. It's a completely different animal.

It is the art of burning - commonly known as "wood burning". But this title limits your potential.

This art's medium is heat.

What can you use as a canvas? Anything that burns, not just wood.
[...ummm, there are definitely exceptions to that rule for the law and safety's sake...]

what will you find here?

I intend to experiment with ALL kinds of firey nonsense - traditional wood burning and unconventional pyrography.

And I'm going to show YOU how!

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This is your newest, most complete and modern resource for learning all things pyrography.
I intend to show you everything from pyrography machines, my favorite books, tools, resources, and sooooo much more!

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taught by someone who's been there.

I'm about to spill ALL the goods.

When I started out, there was ZERO usable info online. At least not for beginners. I wanted clean lines. I wanted smooth shading. I wanted a mentor like Leonardo da Vinci.

But da Vinci wasn't a pyrographer.

And he didn't have a YouTube account anyway.

So I had to teach myself all about wood burning - from safety to shading. I bought books that were waaaaay over my head and searched Google for any rare tips I could get. Then I practiced until I was blue in the face (well, probably red in the face from all that heat).

Now, I burn like a boss.

And I'm itching to share my knowledge, experience, and favorite tools with you so YOU can be a Burn Boss too.


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