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🔥 QUESTION: I'm new. Where should I start?

Start here...

🔥 QUESTION: I'm international. Where can I get a burner?

Bear Woods ships the Colwood brand woodburning tools internationally. AND I've worked out a deal so you can get a 5% discount when you use code SAVVY at checkout!

Here's where to use it: Bear Woods Pyrography Supplies

🔥 QUESTION: What should I use to seal this project?

My favorite finishes are all listed right here, ready for your big beautiful eyes to read!

🔥 QUESTION: Can you look at my work and tell me where to improve?

I would love to help! I'm super busy helping my paying students in Burn Savvy Academy.

You can become one of my Burn Savvy Academy students by joining one of my paid pyrography courses here.

If you would like some FREE feedback, you are totally welcome to join the Burn Savvy Facebook group here and ask for feedback and pointers there.

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