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Hey Pyro! Your monthly woodburning projects and tutorials for your Crate Club subscription box can be found right here on this page.

Having all the projects on one simple easy-to-find spot makes it easy for you to get back to it whenever you're ready for it.

When the next month's project is ready, it will be posted here too.

*REMINDER: Crate Club woodburning projects are packaged up and shipped out around the 5th of each month. Make sure you renew by the 4th of each month to get this current month's Crate Club box.

Enjoy your woodburning project!

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This Month's Woodburning Project

July Pyrography Tutorial:
Epic Leather Wallet

This month's pyrography project is all about travel!

Get ready to craft the perfect leather wallet to take with you on your next grand adventure out of the country!... or out to the grocery store. ;)

This project shipped out around July 5, 2023

July Crate Club - Leather Wallet

Watch The Woodburning Tutorial Here:
Leather Wallet Pyrography

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Next Month's Woodburning Project

August Pyrography Tutorial:
Sunflower on Basswood

We are learning some pyrography shading with this sunflower woodburning project.

This live-edge basswood round is about to sprout some sunny floral happiness.

This project will be shipped out around August 5, 2023.

Order by August 4 to get this crate!

Watch The Woodburning Tutorial Here:
Sunflower Pyrography Shading

coming soon


Past Crate Club Woodburning Projects


June Tutorial:
Beginner Woodburning Shading Mountains & Trees

Summertime is here where I'm from and the mountains are calling! Bring a bit of the forest into your home with this charming woodburning project.

Shipped out around June 5, 2023

June Crate Club Tutorial - Mountains and Trees Basswood Circle

Watch The Woodburning Tutorial Here:
Mountains & Trees


May Tutorial
Woodburning Succulents & Cactus
Key Organizer

Woodburning succulents and cacti in pots is super popular! And we're taking our first intermediate Crate Club tutorial to a functional level by turning this woodburning art piece into a delightful key organizer.

This project was shipped out around May 5, 2023

Succulents and cactus key organizer crate club

Watch The Woodburning Tutorial Here:
Woodburning Succulents & Cactus Key Organizer


April Tutorial
Sweet & Snarky: Woodburning Coasters

Woodburning coasters is a delight because you get to do 4 coordinating patterns. In this case, you get 2 different styles of patterns - sweet and snarky.

The sweet ones are perfect for loved ones, family, and it makes a great gift for a couple getting married.

The snarky ones are my favorite - I've always loved a little cheeky humor.

This project was shipped out around April 5, 2023

April Crate Club - Sweet and Snarky Coasters Video Tutorial

Watch The Woodburning Tutorial Here:
Woodburning Sweet & Snarky Wooden Coasters


March Tutorial:
Woodburning Leather Florals

Woodburning leather is an absolute delight, and something a lot of pyros want to try but haven't yet. It burns smoother and faster than any wood.

This project was shipped out around March 5, 2023

March Crate Club pinterest leather

Watch The Woodburning Tutorial Here:
Woodburning Leather Pyrography Florals


February Tutorial:
How to Make 6 Seasonal Blocks

For this month's woodburning project, we're burning these cute seasonal blocks that you can use all year round! They are high quality, hardwood poplar blocks. Poplar is among the top woods to burn in the pyrography community.

This project shipped out around
February 5, 2023

Seasonal Blocks Woodburning Project Tutorial

Watch The Woodburning Tutorial Here:
How to Make Seasonal Blocks

January Tutorial:
DIY Hello Winter Shelf Sitter

This month's Crate Club box, you'll burn this beautiful winter themed shelf sitter! This box includes a basswood canvas panel that feels delicious to burn.

This project shipped out around
January 5, 2023

January Crate Club Hello Winter Pinterest

Video Woodburning Tutorial

Follow along with this online woodburning workshop as we make this charming winter decor!


December Tutorial:
Gnome for Christmas

In this festive Crate Club box, you get the materials you need to burn a Gnome for Christmas wall art piece and 3 wood ornaments - all with the live edge bark that my email subscribers voted for in November. Hanging hardware and and twine included!

This project shipped out around
December 5, 2022

Crate Club Gnome for Christmas Pinterest 1

Video Woodburning Tutorials

Gnome for Christmas Wall Art Woodburning Project

This video demonstrates how to burn, paint, and finish your Gnome for Christmas wall art.


Set of 3 Gnome Woodburned Ornaments Tutorial

This woodburning workshop shows you how to take 3 of your favorite gnome patterns from this month's Crate Club box, and turn them into these darling gnome wood ornaments!




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