The FREE Beginner Woodburning Trees Challenge

Now is the perfect time to get savvy with wood burning trees!

Learn woodburning techniques and fundamentals to create beautifully wood burned trees that you can be proud of in this hot and free Beginner Woodburning Trees Challenge!

Beginner Woodburning Trees Challenge

This challenge is designed to help beginning and intermediate woodburning artists and crafters like you to get beautifully burned trees and start to get woodburning shading that you can be proud of.

Take The 3 Day Beginner Woodburning Trees Challenge for FREE [$297 Value]

April 6 - April 10, 2023

5:00 pm Arizona Time

Live on YouTube

Get live access to 3 days of beginning woodburning training from Jannie Lisonbee, professional woodburning artist and founder of Burn Savvy, when you join the Beginner Woodburning Trees Challenge.

Break through your fears and take a giant step in leveling up your skills!

Learn to burn beautiful trees as you nail beginning shading techniques in this challenge.

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Beginner - Intermediate Woodburning Crafters and Artists who want to up their shading skills


Take the woodburning challenge to burn different kinds of trees over 3 days time


Live on YouTube!

The replays. will be available through 4/10/2023 in case you can't make it live or want to re-watch.


5 pm AZ Time

4/6 - 4/10


To give you the chance to take your woodburning skills to the next level...

...and because it's fun. ;)

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Calling All Beginners...

Shading really is more of an intermediate or advanced art... but I'm going to be right here walking you through it from a beginner's level.


Because I've been where you are pyro.

I had a burner I didn't know how to use.

I had wood I was afraid to use (what if I ruin it?!).

And there was NO ONE to help me.

We didn't have all the YouTube videos out there now... and let's be real. There still aren't very many.

I promised myself when I knew what the devil I was doing, that I would come back for my fellow pyros.

The beginners.

The pyros who had to teach themselves and still flounder.

This challenge is part of that.

You're going to get the foundation in shading that I didn't get starting out.

You're going to get tips and techniques that I had to figure out on my own.

And you're getting them for FREE.

Don't miss this.

Join me in this FREE Beginner Woodburning Trees Challenge before it's over!


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"Jannie has now given me the confidence to tackle the woodburning set I received for Christmas."

-Debbie R.

"Jannie is outstanding! Her care, support and communication are phenomenal."

-Cyd P.

"Loved your woodburning class. Thank you Jannie! Would highly recommend."

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Your Hostess & Mentor

Hey Pyro! My Name Is Jannie Lisonbee

I started out right where you are - with a burner I didn't know how to use, wood I was afraid I would ruin, and no idea where to start.

But now I have...

  • Sold my art world wide
  • Taught woodburning art at the local art studio since 2019
  • Created pyrography courses, workshops & challenges
  • Founded & Burn Savvy Academy

Now I'm anxious to help pyros like you to dive in and reach your woodburning potential!


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