Wood Burning For Beginners:
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Learn And Burn Course

If you're ready to learn woodburning for beginners, you're ready to jump into the Learn And Burn [LAB]! Here you get woodburning tips and techniques you can't find anywhere else.

Create crisp, clean burns to make art and crafts that you can be proud of as you nail beginning woodburning techniques and fundamentals.

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⇣ Get high quality, curated woodburning projects worthy of a professional pyrographer, easy enough for a beginner! Each month is a different project to allow you to grow your techniques, expand your experience, and try new things that otherwise you might not have ever tried.

Perfect for gifting to friends, family, and even yourself. ;)

Go ahead. You're worth it.




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This is your opportunity to receive actionable guidance for how to breakthrough into your next level of woodburning art.

Weekly SKILL Development With Technique-Focused Patterns & Pyrography Projects
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So that you can hone the techniques you learn in the workshops and tutorials.

These skill-based patterns are specifically designed to help you master the foundational woodburning techniques that are used by pyros on every level from beginners to professionals alike.

Practical Worksheets Specifically Designed For Tracking Your Biggest Breakthroughs
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So that you can remember your biggest "a-ha!" moments during the workshops & tutorials.

These worksheets are a clean, concise way to keep your notes organized so you can go back through and remember the tips and tricks that stood out to you the most.

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Why so cheap??

My goal is to empower YOU, my fellow pyrographer.
This foundational course - woodburning for beginners - is so powerful that I want to make it available to as many pyros as I can.

I hope YOU will join me!

I Have Spent Hundreds of Dollars on Books, Hundreds on Wasted wood, and Hundreds of Hours In Front Of YouTube - Hours that I will never get back - That Never Delivered the Transformation, Information, and Education I needed. The LEARN & BURN Course Delivers The Value I Wish I Had As A Beginner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About The Learn And Burn

Is this course for me?

This course teaches woodburning for beginners and intermediate pyros alike.

Even pyrography pros have reported learning much after going through these wood burning basics!

Whether you do crafts, wood signs, or professional artwork, THIS course gives you the foundation you need to get clean, crisp burns that make a quality piece.

Higher quality burning leads to higher satisfaction for you and those who receive your work.

If you choose to do a woodburning business, better quality burning can also lead to higher ticket sales, repeat customers, and quality referrals.

What is included in the course?

You get 4 modules that help you develop the skills you need to really nail beautiful lettering and line art. Each module comes with several tutorials.

You also receive skill-based patterns each week to help you hone the technique you learn in the tutorials.

Modules are dripped out weekly to help you avoid overwhelm and give you time to practice.

When is this scheduled?

The course begins the moment you sign up!

Then it is dripped out - 1 module per week - to avoid any overwhelm.

What if I don't have time?

Not a problem! You have lifetime access to the course so you can catch up whenever your schedule allows.

Besides, if not now, then when?

What if I don't have the money?

This is the lowest price this offer will ever be. In fact, it's less money than what is typically charged for Burn Savvy courses.

Beginners are so neglected in the world of pyrography.

My goal is to empower as many beginners as possible, which is why the price is so low.

Plus you also get those amazing bonuses INCLUDED in the price if you sign up now!

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See What Students Are Saying

About The Learn And Burn



Oz Lacey

"Game Changer"

This course has been a game changer for me.  It really has helped get me on the right path to starting out.

You have been so approachable and helpful, you really do aim at the complete beginner. Loads of huge tips and advice.

Building the little community we have has been great, working alongside other beginners who can all share their thoughts, questions and ideas. It's nice to have 'friends' whilst learning and we can continue to share techniques and advice even after this course has ended.

I will miss our sessions. Thank you so much Jannie :)



"Worth more Than What I Paid"

There are a lot of things that I learned.

Learning the differences between different types of lines and curves and the proper way to do them; which ones are more forgiving and which can be real bears to do. Learning how to correct mistakes without using other instruments and when to and not to do that without making the artwork look wonky or lopsided. One of the most important was learning what nib to use for what and why....

This was the best experience that I could have had. This lab is worth more than what I paid.

...Thank you, Jannie, for following your heart to help out us newbies.  I feel I have been encouraged and enabled because of your genuine enthusiasm for your craft.

Nan Parsons





This Learn & Burn course was wonderful! As a beginner pyrographer, I had no idea so many different things can be done with woodburning tools.

Jannie is a terrific instructor and is very patient and positive with her teaching methods. She started with the basics to help a student progress during the course with their techniques and regardless of their current level as a pyrographer.

The practice stencils had varying levels of difficulty so a beginner, or even someone with existing pyrography skills, could add additional techniques to their practice pieces....

Things I never would have tried before now don't seem as daunting.

This course has helped me to identify what I need to practice on more with pyrography and what I could possibly do as I build on my techniques with this creative tool.

Jannie is definitely a very fun, positive, talented and extremely accommodating instructor.... She explained which nibs she would use for different types of work and different effects. And she also willingly provided us with numerous Tips & Tricks to help us develop into new and improved pyrographers.

I saw her joy every week and truly believe she enjoyed the course as much as her students.

- Patti Clyne




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See What Others Are Saying 

About Jannie's Previous Challenges

About Jannie's Woodburning Workshops

"Jannie has now given me the confidence to tackle the woodburning set I received for Christmas."

-Debbie R.

"Jannie is outstanding! Her care, support and communication are phenomenal."

-Cyd P.

"Loved your woodburning class. Thank you Jannie! Would highly recommend."

-Ginny V.

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Your Host & Mentor

Hey Pyro! My Name Is Jannie Lisonbee

I started out right where you are - with a burner I didn't know how to use, wood I was afraid I would ruin, and no idea where to start.

But now I have...

  • Sold my art world wide
  • Taught woodburning art at the local art studio since 2019
  • Created pyrography courses, workshops & challenges
  • Founded BurnSavvy.com & Burn Savvy Academy

Now I'm anxious to help pyros like you to dive in and reach your woodburning potential!


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