The Woodburning Crate Club:
New Pyrography Projects Delivered Monthly

Hey Pyro! Want a delightful woodburning project delivered to your door each month? The Woodburning Crate Club is a subscription box that makes pyrography projects easier, super convenient, and wayyyy more fun!

It's packed full of all the materials you need to create a woodburned masterpiece from start to finish.

These are projects that you can proudly use, display in your home, or happily give as thoughtful DIY gifts to your friends and family.

The Woodburning Crate Club lets you...

Skip the artist block.

Skip the overwhelm.

Skip the extra trips to the store to get whatever the devil you forgot.

Can we skip to the good part? ;)

(anyone else gonna have that song stuck in their head now?)

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What Is the Woodburning Crate Club?

We hear it all the time.

"Where can I find a good woodburning project? I'm a beginner and I have no idea where to start!"

Frankly, woodburning artists and crafters don't have a whole lot of resources.

We're here to change that.

We know what you need.

Pyros like you want high quality wood and lovely patterns that are easy to follow - patterns that you didn't have to hunt down on your own.

Pyros like you want a craft that you can sit down and make withouth running to the store for last minute forgotten materials.

Pyros like you want woodburning projects that you can proudly set on the mantle, give as gifts, or use around the house.

Pyros like you want to try out unique materials that you might be too afraid to try on your own - like gourds and leather - and have someone hold your hand while you burn it.

We got you.

That's why we here at Burn Savvy created the Woodburning Crate Club.

You're going to love it.

Want To Learn How To Wood Burn?

Close up burning of a sunflower with colwood detailer
Crate Club wallet compass woodburning
Wood Burned Gather charcuterie cheese board crate club project

Courses are now available on the Burn Savvy YouTube channel membership!

Go see which level suits YOU best. ⇣



How Does It Work?

Subscribing to the Woodburning Crate Club is simple.

Step 1: Choose Your Frequency

Choose how often works best for you!

Right now, you can choose a subscription that lasts as long as...

  • 1 month,
  • 3 months,
  • 6 months, and
  • 12 months - yes! Get pyro goodness at your doorstep all year long!

If you're gifting this to a friend, you can select whether the subscription automatically renews or whether you let your giftee decide.

Step 2: Choose Your Add-Ons

There are 2 requests I get all the time from you - my pyros. So I created these 2 add-ons to solve the frustration for you:

  • a kit with all the basic supplies that I love and use most, and
  • a burner for beginners.

Step 3: Get Your Box

Here's the fun part! Open up your box full of all that delicious pyro goodness inside. Then, make a woodburning project that you will love.

You also get a link to a woodburning workshop that takes you through this month's project step by step.


Told you the Woodburning Crate Club made things easy on you.


What's Inside?

Crate Club unboxing in a box subscription gnome for christmas

Inside each Crate that you get delivered every month is a delightful woodburning project (more than 1 sometimes).

But it's not just a slice of wood and a "go for it" pat on the head.

You get all the materials you need to make a solid pyrography project - from start to finish - that you can be proud of.

You'll get...

  • wood (or leather/gourds/whatever we're using this month)
  • a pattern
  • carbon paper (for transferring the pattern to the wood)
  • an online video woodburning workshop
  • sealant + applicator
  • hanging hardware (if that applies)

It literally comes with all the stuff.

Just bring your burner and tools - or buy them with the add-ons - and you're set.

Check out ⇣ this video ⇣ giving you the grand tour of what's in the first ever Woodburning Crate Club subscription box and the Woodburning Tools & Accessories Kit add-on.

Want to see a sample?

You can check out the very first Crate Club project box + it's video workshops right here.

I won't be making every box public with all of it's ingredients, steps, etc.

So enjoy this sample.

And if you're ready to join the Crate Club, I'll see you on the inside!


Other Frequently Asked Questions

When does my Crate ship out?

Woodburning Crates are packed and shipped out around the 5th-7th of the month.

When does my subscription renew?

If you opted for automatic renewals, your subscription will renew on the 15th of each month.

Can I pick and choose which project I want every month?

We are set up where every subscribed pyro gets the same box with the same project inside. Of course, you are free to branch out on your own and burn your own project with the materials you get.

What is the Founding Member gift?

It is an awesome gift worth $25 that only goes out to the pyros who were the first to sign up for the Woodburning Crate Club between launch day and January 4th, 2023.

Is my subscription consecutive months or spaced out?

Subscriptions come in consecutive months.

So if you order a 3-month subscription that starts in January, then you will get a box for January, February and March.

If you signed up in January after the January Crate has already shipped out, then you will get a box for February, March and April.

Can I buy these as gifts? And do they ship directly to the recipient?

Yes and yes!

When you check out, you can add the shipping address and whether you want the subscription to automatically renew for your giftee or if the giftee wants to renew it later on their own.

Can I buy the add-ons separately?

Yup. Buy them all by their glorious selves right here.

Where do I sign up?

You can sign your pretty self up right here.

Crate Club unboxing on the table a box subscription gnome for christmas


Crate Club Gnome for Christmas Pinterest 1

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You deserve it.

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