So... You want to be a wood burning artist, hmm?

You've been fantasizing about becoming a wood burning artist like no other.

You want clean lines.

Smooth shading.

Beautiful lettering.

Maybe even a pyro-fairy godmother to *magically* show up and tell you which wood burning tools to buy. Which tips to use for what project.

Maybe even how to burn like Leonardo da Vinci or Van Gogh (well... if they were pyrography artists).

Well chin up buttercup! It's time to make that happen for you.

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Want To Learn How To Wood Burn?

Close up burning of a sunflower with colwood detailer
Crate Club wallet compass woodburning
Wood Burned Gather charcuterie cheese board crate club project

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About Burn Savvy

Burn Savvy is dedicated to empowering new and intermediate wood burning artists and crafters to become savvy pyrography masters.

There was no one there for me when I started wood burning professionally.

It was a lonesome and frustrating road.

Burn Savvy & Burn Savvy Academy were built with the intention to BE the resource I wish I had when I first started out.

I find it a beautiful happenstance that this website - designed to help pyro artists make the big leap to become savvy at wood burning - was officially launched on leap day of 2020.

Cheers to beautiful happenstance.

And cheers to your burning success, pyro!

About The Woodburning Artist & Pyro Professor at Burn Savvy

Hey there, I'm Jannie.

I’m not a fairy godmother. Or da Vinci. But...

I am a Burn Boss.

A.K.A. the Pyro Professor and wood burning artist here at Burn Savvy.

I take people like you by the hand and lead them to the pyrography tools, techniques and information they crave.

I was once right where you are - making up my own techniques here, grasping at tidbits of info there, swimming in an overwhelming sea of pyrography techniques that were vague or way over my head.

But I mastered it.

Now I'm no longer afraid to "waste" a good piece of wood or try new things.

And now that I am a successful woodburning artist, I want the same thing for you.

Jannie's Credentials

  • Sells her work world-wide since 2016
  • Teaches woodburning at the local art studio since 2019
  • Founded Burn Savvy & Burn Savvy Academy in 2020
  • Teaches pyrography courses, tutorials & workshops online
  • Hosts live workshop & demonstrations for other online crafting sites

Now I'm anxious to help pyros like you to dive in and reach your woodburning potential!


Fun Facts

  1. I sing
  2. I sew
  3. I burn everything (no surprise, haha!)
  4. I can't cook (see #3)
  5. I was a paid voice actor for a radio commercial
  6. I volunteer weekly at church
  7. I am the fearless mother of 6 kids
  8. I love my home in the Arizona White Mountains.
  9. I enjoy chickens, gardening, the change of seasons, and hiking with my husband
  10. My favorite books are the Fablehaven series, The Power of Moments, 12 Rules for Life, and The Big Leap

A few of my Pyrography art pieces...

See my art gallery on Red Roof Barn, my art website.

If you're ready for a big push,
you've come to the right place.

I work with wood burning artists to create the art of their dreams.

I want to guide you down the freeing path to find exactly what you are looking for:

  • The best tools for YOU (not just whatever is the most popular or the most expensive tool around)
  • Guides, resources and downloads
  • Pyrography books on YOUR level
  • Wood burning courses you can take at your own pace
  • A friendly pyrography community full of fresh ideas, tips, and techniques
  • and so much more!

You CAN reach your fullest potential as a pyrography artist.

And I cannot wait for YOU to become the hero of your own story and create the pyrography art of your dreams.

We'll make a Burn Boss out of you.

Want to seriously up your pyrography game?

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  • and so much more coming!

So go ahead. Subscribe. Consume. Enjoy.

You deserve it.

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If you want some easy ways to give back, here are some ideas that also help YOU level up YOUR wood burning game...

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  4. Join in the woodburning retreats - that's really like giving back to yourself, actually. ;)

Thanks for helping me keep creating free, delightful, and helpful woodburning content for YOU and pyros like you.

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