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Hey Pyro! Looking for pyrography courses that teach you the woodburning techniques that the master pyrographers use?

You are in the right place.

It's time for you to get savvy with whatever level of pyrography that you are at.

Whether you are an ultimate beginner, or you are a seasoned pyrography artist ready to take your art - and your business - to the next level, there is a course here (or in the works) waiting for you.

It's time YOU got savvy with your pyrography techniques, and your woodburning business.

⇢ Want a Woodburning Project Delivered to Your Door Every Month?

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⇣ Get high quality, curated woodburning projects worthy of a professional pyrographer, easy enough for a beginner! Each month is a different project to allow you to grow your techniques, expand your experience, and try new things that otherwise you might not have ever tried.

Perfect for gifting to friends, family, and even yourself. ;)

Go ahead. You're worth it.






Pyrography Courses Currently Offered


Currently all courses are closed.

This notice will be removed when they reopen. You can also subscribe to my email list to get notified when they are available.

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Learn ultimate beginning woodburning techniques plus the tools, supplies and materials that professionals use to get those crisp, clean burns that you can be proud of and that customers love to buy.

Create crisp, clean burns and start wood burning art and crafts that customers love and you can't wait to share as you nail those beginning woodburning techniques and fundamentals that the professionals use.

This course packs years of professional woodburning experience into 7 doable modules bursting with tools, downloads, workshops, and more to help you get buttery smooth shading that would make Bob Ross proud... or jealous. ;)




Which of the Pyrography Courses is Right for YOU?

Read the Levels below to decide where you are at.

Then jump into the course that is on your level!


Woodburning is hard. If you don't have the right tools and materials, that makes it harder.

Ultimate beginners should start with the [BWAC] Beginning Woodburning Art Challenge.

[Although, since it's free, pyrographers at any level should take the challenge to give them a strong foundation in their craft.]

This will help you make sure that you have the right pyrography tools and materials + some basic woodburning techniques.



Once you have the basics, then clean lines - like those used for line art & lettering - are the next step.

If you're ready to skip the blobby and sloppy burns and start getting those crisp, clean lines, you are ready to join the [LAB] Learn & Burn course.

While this course is focused on beginner woodburning techniques, I have had intermediate and even advanced level pyrographers tell me that they found this course extremely helpful for building and honing their fundamental & basic woodburning techniques.




If you know how to get clean lines, and you are already happy with your line art and lettering, you are ready for shading.

Join the Savvy Pyrography Shading course.

Here you will learn the full range of basic beginning shading skills to advanced shading techniques.

While I definitely encourage you to go light, low & slow in the beginning (as mentioned in the BWAC and the LAB pyrography courses), in this course you will learn how to wood burn faster.





More Courses & Workshops In The Works

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