Free Woodburning Patterns
from Me + Other Awesome Pyrography Artists

I'm giving away some free woodburning patterns. It's time you got savvy with your pyrography tool!

Some of these designs are made by yours truly - me.

Other's are made by talented artists who gave me permission to give YOU access to burn one of their amazing pieces of art for FREE.

Seriously, so generous of them.

I hosted live woodburning workshops on Instagram while the world was in quarantine from the Corona virus. I was able to capture the workshops (well some... my tech wasn't exactly friendly to me...).

Now I've posted them "as is" (techy nonsense and all) on ⇣YouTube⇣ so you can see how to burn these patterns... or better yet, so you can burn with us!

Remember to tag us and use the hashtag #getburnsavvy so we can see your work.

Enjoy and happy burning!


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Really Quick...

These free woodburning patterns are for personal use only, to help you grow as a pyrography artist. Translation = please no selling.

We love to see your burn on social media though!

Just tag me + the original artist who created your pattern.

You're the best. Thanks!

Saguaro Cactus Pattern

Art by Jannie Lisonbee

Share Your BUrn and Tag:

Sunny Mountains

Art by Mallory Ramportl

Share Your BUrn and Tag:
@MyArtofGold + @RedRoofBArnLLC + #GETBURNSAVVY

Flower Girl

Art by Megan Colwell

Share Your BUrn and Tag:
@HappiCamperKC + @RedRoofBarnLLC + #GETBURNSAVVY

Mountain Lake Pattern

Art by Crystal Bailar

Share Your BUrn and Tag:
@Mosstangle + @RedRoofBarnLLC + #GETBURNSAVVY

Blooming Peony

Art by Shannon Mahoney

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@BurnedEssentials + @RedRoofBarnLLC + #GETBURNSAVVY

Mandala Pattern

Art by Dana Hoover

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@ElysianWoods + @RedRoofBarnLLC + #GETBURNSAVVY

Enjoy Your Free Woodburning Patterns

You know what I love about patterns? We can interpret them any way we choose. Since we're all artists, every pattern will come out a bit differently for each person - and I love to see all that variety.

Remember to use the hashtag #GetBurnSavvy so you can share and connect with other woodburning artists who are also using these patterns!

And be sure to tag me @RedRoofBarnLLC (@BurnSavvy on Facebook) + the artist who made your pattern so we don't miss it.

I can't wait to see how YOU use these patterns!

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