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Beginner Woodburning Art Challenge

NOW Is The Perfect Time To Get Savvy With How To Wood Burn In The BWAC!

Learn Beginner Techniques & Fundamentals To Create Art That You Can Be Proud Of That Sells in This Hot 5-Day Beginner Woodburning Art Challenge


What is the BWAC? It stands for the Beginner Woodburning Art Challenge.

This challenge is designed to help beginning woodburning artists & crafters like you to get their feet off the ground, start burning crisp and clean lines, and make pyrography projects that you can be proud of.

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Learn To Create Crisp, Clean Art That You Can Be Proud Of As You Nail Beginning Techniques In This Challenge.


Calling All Beginners...

If you are sick of...

  • Not knowing what burner to get
  • Getting blobby, sloppy burns
  • Burning art that you hate or are embarrassed to show
  • Being afraid you'll ruin an expensive piece of wood

...then this challenge is for YOU.

When I started out, there was NO ONE to hold my hand and show me the ropes - or at least show me where to start!

There were no online workshops. No books for true beginners. No video tutorials that taught HOW to burn.

I was alone.

That changes NOW with this challenge.

I want to give TRUE beginners - YOU who have ZERO experience and ALL the fear - the tools YOU need to waste less wood, less time, less energy guessing (and usually guessing wrong) and empower you with the skills and knowledge you need to start burning art you can be proud of.

The BIG Focus Of This Challenge Is To...

  • Help you discover the best woodburning tool for YOU and how how to use it

  • Empower YOU with the woodburning skills you need to skip the choppy and sloppy burns and get those clean, crisp lines you crave

  • Teach you how to avoid the worst wood for woodburning, choose the best wood, and know where to get it

  • Explore how to use a pattern, where to find patterns, how to make your OWN, and when to ditch them and sketch it out

  • Show YOU your own blind spots and learn what questions you SHOULD be asking!

By The End Of This Challenge, You Will Be Empowered With...

The Confidence
You Crave

Turn on your burner and bust out some wood with the self-assurance that you have the skills and knowledge that you can burn a pyrography project that is both beautiful and satisfying.

The Best Beginner

No more fear of "where to start" slowing you down. Learn what techniques you need to know and practice so you can start creating woodburned art that you can be proud of.

Biggest Questions

Instead of wondering how the professionals do it, come watch, learn, and burn with a true professional woodburning artist who genuinely wants to see YOU succeed.

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Can't wait to see you on the inside of the BWAC.
Here's to your success!



Your Host & Mentor

Hey Pyro! My Name Is Jannie Lisonbee

I started out right where you are - with a burner I didn't know how to use, wood I was afraid I would ruin, and no idea where to start.

But now I have...

  • Sold my art world wide
  • Taught woodburning art at the local art studio since 2019
  • Created pyrography courses, workshops & challenges
  • Founded & Burn Savvy Academy

Now I'm anxious to help pyros like you to dive in and reach your woodburning potential!

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