The Best Pyrography Tools for Wood Burning ARt

Wood burning art is soooo much more satisfying when you've got the best pyrography tools for the job.

I mean yeah, I can totally make do with the crappiest of all crappy machines and tools. You probably can too.

But why?

I know first hand how much easier life (and burning) is when you use the right tool for the job.

So don't kill yourself. Cheat and use my rundown of the best wood burning tools to make your pyro-life that much better.

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The #1 Wood Burning Tool: Burners & Pyrography Pens

Your wood burning machine is obviously the very first tool you’re going to invest in.

There are generally 2 types of wood burning machines: solid-point burners and wire-nib burners.

Your Mission: to find the tool that meets YOUR needs and spend as LITTLE of your hard earned cash to get it.

Solid-Point Burners

The cheapest ones (the ones that look and act like soldering irons) are the solid-point burners.

Some excellent artists are known to use these basic machines to create amazing art.

But are they what you are looking for?

A solid-point wood burning tool is generally going to take you more time – time to heat up, time to burn your wood, and time to cool down. In my opinion, it’s also harder to learn than a wire-nib pyrography pen.

I'll walk you through the pros and cons of these inexpensive little burners.

Wire-Nib Burners

Wire-nib pyrography tools are definitely faster all around.

They heat up in seconds and cool waayyyy faster than the solid point burners do.

But they can get pricey.

You want the best ROI on your investment - meaning you don’t want to spend buko bucks on an amazing machine when you could have had a machine just as good that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Which one should I pick?

There is a machine for everyone… well, everyone who WANTS to burn anyway.

I help you narrow down which burner is best for YOU using this pretty little article that I've got ready for your big beautiful eyes.

My Top 5 Must-Have Pyrography Tools

There are a handful of tools you definitely want in your wood burning arsenal.

For some reason these never seem to be included in those beginner wood burning kits (or advanced kits for that matter).

Honestly, I was a little cranky that no one bothered to tell me about these tools when I first started out.

Trust me. Get them. You will thank me later.

Tools for Cleaning Your Tips, Nibs and Points

Burner stopped burning? I hate when that happens. SO annoying.

Every now and then, that means there is a problem with the machine itself.

But usually, the problem is simply this:

Your tools are dirty.

Dirty little tools leave dirty little burns. AND they make burning take waaay longer.

Pyrography is already an art of patience… let's not make this harder than it has to be.

Clean those dirty little tools so you can get back to a nice, clean, semi-quick burn.

#4 Safety Gear - This Matters!

Easily THE most important set of pyrography tools listed here.

Let’s be honest.

We’re burning. There are dangers involved.

The last thing you want is to blister the fingers you use every day. Or worse - end up spending hours in a hospital bed on a C-PAP machine with lesions in your lungs.

It’s happened. It’s awful.

Here are some of my favorite woodburning tools and safety gear to protect your pretty little hands and your pretty little lungs from the heat, smoke and vapors that come with the art of burning.

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