Wood Burning Tips:
Using the Mini Flow Point

The mini flow point is one of my favorite wood burning tips for writing and line work.

It's a lot like using a fine-point permanent marker as opposed to a pen or a thick marker.


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Mini Flow Point Features

The mini flow point is a lot like it's big sister the flow point - except this has a finer tip.

It feels much like the point literally "flows" over the wood [hence the name].

Be careful when using this tip though.

Because the end of it is so thin, it can bend easily - especially when using it on high heat or on a burning project that takes a long time.

You shouldn't press any tip really, but that rule is especially important with this tip. Let the heat do the work and your tip will last you a long time.

What I love about the mIni Flow Point

I love using this tip for...

  • Lines - straight or curved

This tip is the most satisfying when doing line work. It doesn't make lines as fine as the shading point or the universal tip, but it is actually far easier to control.

  • Dots
  • Circles

It makes excellent small dots - not as small as the shading point, but not as large as the flow point. And it does a beautiful job creating circles easily.

  • Lettering

I find it easy to use for regular or cursive writing - again like I'm using a fine tip permanent marker.

What's Okay About it

  • Bold print letters

When it comes to bold print letters with long straight edges, I prefer the universal tip or calligraphy point.

What's Hard: Choose a Different Tip

  • Shading

I would NOT use it for shading unless you’re doing crosshatch [which uses lines for shading] or stippling [which uses dots for shading].

Quick View:
Mini Flow Point Uses

Best Uses

  • Straight or curved lines
  • Dots
  • Circles
  • Curved lettering

Hard Uses - choose a different tip

  • Shading

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