Woodburning Tips:
The Universal Point - a.k.a. the Chisel Tip

One of the most commonly used woodburning tips is the Universal Point. It's named the universal point because it can pretty much do everything any other tip can do.

But just because it can do everything does not mean it's the easiest to use for everything.

Like all tips, this one has it's pros and cons - which I'm giving you right now.

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Universal Point Features

Like most solid point tips, these are brass colored, screw-in tips that come with almost every basic solid-point woodburning machine out there.

These are the tips that usually come already slipped into place and ready for you to use.

Some call this one the chisel tip because... well, look at it. It looks like a chisel.

And it's the one most of my woodburning students start out with.

What's the difference between the universal point and it's sister the mini universal?

Just the obvious.

You can get into smaller areas with the mini universal point and the regular sized universal point covers more space.

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What I love about the Universal Point

This tip - a.k.a. the chisel tip - is great for straight lines.

It's also an excellent tip for shading, especially large areas or areas with a straight edge.

I also love to use this tip for bold, large, block lettering. Smaller block lettering takes some practice.

What's Okay About it

It doesn't really make "dots" that are round. But it does make a cool triangular pattern when you go for a stippled look.

What Bugs Me

I don't love it for making circles or rounded patterns. But if you turn the tip upside down, that point works pretty well for fine curved lines.

So it works. But it takes a lot of effort.

Cursive is even harder. But again, this tip can do very fine curved lines when turned upside down.

If you want to do cursive and rounded corners, definitely practice on a scrap piece of wood first.

Quick View:
Universal Point Uses

Best Uses

  • Straight lines
  • Shading

Okay Uses - Not the easiest

  • Dots
  • Lettering

Hard Uses - choose a different tip

  • Curves
  • Circles

More Woodburning Tips

Of course, there are other tips you can use that might be easier for you to use.

In fact, I cover 10 of the most common woodburning tips and their uses.

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