Woodburning Gift Guide 2021
Best Pyrography Gifts

What is the best woodburning gift I can give this year? You asked. I delivered.

Say hello to the Woodburning Gift Guide 2021!

I've gathered all of the best wood burning tools, supplies, courses, and books, and put them in one clean, crisp page for your big beautiful eyes.

You're welcome. ;)

Happy shopping!

*Quick Note: Many links below are affiliate links, which means if you buy through them, they throw me a dime or two. This helps me keep creating more FREE articles and videos. I only recommend stuff I love, so you are definitely in good hands. I appreciate you!


Woodburning Gift Guide 2021
Table of Contents

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Wood Burning Machines

Wood Burning Pens, Tips & Nibs

Woodburning Courses

Cleaning Tools

Safety Tools

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Perfect for gifting to friends, family, and even yourself. ;)

Go ahead. You're worth it.




Tool Woodburning Gift:
Professional Pyrography Machines


  * Professor's 1st Pick   .

Colwood Detailer


Buy Here

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  * 2nd Pick   .

Colwood Super Pro II


Buy Here

Use Code SAVVY at checkout for a discount!

  * Economy Pick   .

Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner


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Woodburning Tools:
Tips, Nibs & Pyrography Pens


  * Professor's Top Recommended Nibs & Pens  .

Remember to use code SAVVY to get a 5% discount on your Bear Woods orders!

Writing Nib

My all time favorite nib for text & lines.

#2 Ball Point Nib

Great for text, lines, stippling & texture.

Shading Nib

Perfect for shading large areas & fine, long lines.

Skew or Knife Nib

Great for extremely fine, long lines & cutting texture.

Small Round Shader Nib

Perfect for shading & detail in small areas.

Small Point or Rounded Heel Knife Nib

Great for thin, curved lines.

Replaceable Tip (RT) Pen Handle

The magic wand you plug the nibs into.

EZ Tip Puller - Tweezers for Nibs

Use to pull hot nibs off of the RT pen.

Buy Here

Use Code SAVVY at checkout for a discount!


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Pyrography Courses


Learn And Burn [LAB] Course

Savvy Pyrography Shading Course

Not sure which to buy?
Click here to see what level you are at.


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Wood Burning Cleaning Supplies


Fine Polishing & Cleaning

  * Professor Recommended   .

 Leather Strop


Powdered Aluminum Oxide


Basic Cleaning

Steel Wool

For removing carbon buildup

Cleaning Cloth

For removing carbon buildup

Buy Here

Use code SAVVY at checkout for a discount!

Honing Cloth

For fine polishing

Buy Here

Use code SAVVY at checkout for a discount!


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Safety Woodburning Gift:
Tools & Gear


Finger Heat Shields

Smoke Extractor Fan

Adjustable Art Table

Masks & Respirators

Smoke & Dust Mask

For burning that smokey wood

These come in sizes S/M and M/L

Shop Masks Here

Use code SAVVY at checkout for a discount!

Gas Mask

For adding epoxy, resin, or other fume-happy mediums and finishes to your art

These come in sizes S/M and M/L

Shop Masks Here

Use code SAVVY at checkout for a discount!


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And that's a wrap on the
Woodburning Gift Guide 2021

Happy Shopping!


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