WoodBurning Tips:
Calligraphy Point Uses

The calligraphy point is one of the 10 most common woodburning tips that come with a solid-point woodburning machine.

It definitely has it's strengths and weaknesses when it comes to best uses - which I'll show you now.


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Calligraphy Point Features

The calligraphy point woodburning tips are similar to universal or mini universal tips in their shape, but instead of having a chisel tip with a long point coming out, the calligraphy tip's edge is evenly tapered in from both sides.

This tip feels similar to using one of those flat-edged permanent markers.

What I love about the Calligraphy Point

I love using this tip for...

  • Straight lines

Straight lines are pretty easy to make with this little tip.

When you're making a line and pulling the point toward you, you have to hold the pen at a steeper angle than your wrist really wants to in order to get a smooth line without the bottom edge of the tip digging in. But once you get the angle, straight lines are easy.

  • Shading small areas with a straight edge

It’s good for getting into smaller areas than the universal or mini universal tips.

  • Bold block lettering

I love this one for getting crisp edges and filling in those large block letters. I've had students in my pyrography workshops use these woodburning tips for some of their block-lettering projects.

What's Okay About it

  • Dots - interesting triangular patterns.

You won't get a round dot with this tip. Because of it's sharp tiny chisel-ish edge, it makes a triangular pattern when you try to make dots.

It definitely makes an interesting texture and a fun pattern to play with. But I wouldn't use it for stippling.

What's Hard: Choose a Different Tip

  • Curved lines
  • Circles
  • Curved lettering

I struggle making curves and circles with this one. It just didn't want to turn.

It’s fairly easy to get fine lines and curves with the point of the universal tip (when turned upside down). But this tip doesn’t really work like that. There's no large point to make that pen-like point.

Quick View:
Calligraphy Point Uses

Best Uses

  • Straight lines
  • Shading smaller areas
  • Bold block lettering

Okay Uses - Not the Easiest

  • Dots - makes triangular dots

Hard Uses - choose a different tip

  • Curved lines
  • Circles
  • Curved lettering

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