Woodburning Tips:
The Smooth Burning Flow Point

Of all the woodburning tips in your solid-point burner kit, the flow point is the smoothest tip of them all.

It just glides over the wood. So satisfying.

But it can't do everything. I'm going to show you how the flow point handles all of the main pyrography techniqes.


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Flow Point Features

The end of this tip is pretty blunt and gently rounded. It feels like writing with a typical office bullet-tipped marker.

[Not sure what that is? Here's a pretty picture for you.]

Did I tell you I made a Board?

I used all the woodburning tips on a basswood board to see which techniques were the easiest, what took some work, and what was a downright pain with each tip.

I give you a sample for the flow tip from the board down below.

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Woodburning Tips & Their Uses

Best Uses:
What I love About The flow Point

First of all, I love how fluid it feels when you're burning. Soooooo smoooooth.

As for techniques that it handles beautifully... that's most of them.

  • Lines - both curved and straight

The lines are thicker - the that marker I told you about. But they're pretty even and easy to control.

  • Circles

Circles take more of a steady hand than simply curved lines, but the flow point makes it feel easy.

  • Dots

This is one of the better woodburning tips for stippling and pointillism. You can get a good variety of sizes and it's easy to make them evenly sized.

The larger dots tend to leave a "glow". If that bothers you, just turn your heat down and take more time burning your large dots.

  • Curved lettering

It handles curved letters nicely. You don't get as fine or crisp of a line as say the mini flow point or shading point, but those curved letters definitely look smooth.

What's Okay About It

  • Block lettering

Again, if you don't care about crisp lines this does block lettering pretty well. The bigger the lettering, the better this tip would work for it.

However, I prefer those crisp lines for block lettering. So I'd have to say use a point with a sharper edge - like the universal or mini universal points or the calligraphy point.

What's Annoying or Hard

  • Shading

Shading is tough with this one, but I guess in a small space it could work.

I'd choose a different tip for shading though.

Quick View:
Flow Point Uses

Best Uses

  • Lines - curved and straight
  • Dots
  • Circles
  • Curved lettering

Okay Uses - not the easiest

  • Block lettering

Hard Uses - choose a different tip

  • Shading

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